Soul Lump + Geto Witches

by Face Transplant

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Recorded and mixed by Larry Crane at Jackpot! Recording Studio on April 5, 2016. Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering.


released May 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Face Transplant Portland, Oregon

Face Transplant plays a loud rock music.

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Track Name: Soul Lump
Diabetes took my arms and legs
Left me living a chair at the county
Luscious nurses surround me with needles
Drop my britches and they all surround me.
When I roll, they drag behind me.

I’m a head stacked on top of a torso,
Stacked on top of fifty pounds of steel
But I’ll fuck every nurse in this mother
And give a damn about how she feels.
When I roll, they drag behind me.

I got diabetes.

Diabetes took my arms and legs.
Now the county seat’s my home.
I roll full of sweets and sodas,
Like a king on my mobile throne.
When I roll, they drag behind me.
Track Name: Geto Witches
These streets will kill you mane.
You need protection from the geto witches.
But if you use it that’ll make ‘em suspicious—
They’ll get to stepping all over your plans.
I’m so caught up in the system;
I pray to God, but I ain’t know if he even listening.

I fell in step with witches.
I did their funky deeds.
I satisfied their needs.
And now I’m buying the food in the kitchen.
Now the cauldron’s bubbling and boiling—
I feel my life being flushed down the toilet.

If you wanna get yourself from
From this wicked trap they set—
Oh boy, you will, I bet!—
Just shut ye chatterbox and listen to me:
Approach the bench with a big-ass smile,
And say, “Your honor, that is not my child.”